Who we are

Who We Are – About Us & Team Roles

ASDES Assessor

Our assessor is the person who has first contact with a potential new client. The assessor, over the course of a number of appointments, would judge whether our services would be appropriate for them at this time.

If an offer of support is made by the assessor, and our client and parents or guardian agree, then the client is enrolled with ASDES.

The assessor will then write a detailed action plan taking into account the views of all parties. Other members of the ASDES team would typically implement this action plan with our job seeker. Sometimes the Assessor will offer the client a selection of psychometric tests to enhance their action plan.

ASDES Advocate / Job Coach

Our Advocates / Job Coaches assist the young person into work by establishing a working relationship with them, carrying out one-to-one job searches together on a weekly basis, help to effectively apply for suitable jobs, liaise with employers to prepare clients for interviews, sometimes escort the client to interviews and act as their advocate.

When our client has a job offer the Job Coach might be required to be with the client in the workplace until they are settled in and standing on their own two feet.

The Job Coach would typically keep in touch with our client by phone, email or text for some time after start work in case they have to offer additional support.

ASDES Counsellor in psychotherapy

Counselling and psychotherapy are umbrella terms that cover a range of talking therapies. They are delivered by trained practitioners who work with people over the short or long term to help them bring about effective change or enhance their wellbeing.

Our counsellors are normally available at short notice so our client would typically only have to wait a few days for their first appointment. The counsellor would meet the client in a private room and all their conversations would be confidential. Our counsellors can help the job seeker prepare for the change from unemployed to employment with all the stress that comes with this transition.

Weekly meeting are common and then moving to longer intervals between appointments as necessary.

Counsellors often keep in touch with clients by various means even when they have started work.

ASDES Psychologist

Typically our psychologist would have oversight of the progress of all our clients and ensure our team delivers a quality service.

Case conferences are chaired by her whenever necessary to resolve issues or enhance our service. If necessary our psychologist would meet a client in a private room and their discussion would be confidential.

ASDES Consultant on ASD

Our consultant carries out research to inform our team of up-to-date techniques. She has been helping children, young people with ASD and their parents for many years and she is available to our team members for advice and guidance.

She can also put our clients in touch with social groups that help with their development and confidence.