Systematic Instruction Training

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Training in Systematic Instruction


Systematic Instruction Training is an innovative method for working with individuals identified with disabilities, specifically learning disabilities. The method was popularized by Dr. Marc Gold.


Dr. Gold’s method, includes tools such as task analysis (dividing a task down into its minimum number of steps) and physical prompting, combined with the specific spoken prompt “Try another way.” His research concerned enabling persons identified with disabilities to grasp complex tasks such as assembling components. This focuses on what individuals can do.


TSI suggests that people learn best in real environments where the task is to be performed, where they are expected to be successful by the employer and have access to natural motivation and supports.


TSI techniques


Some of the techniques used in TSI:


  • Vocational profiling –  a detailed picture of the person through spending time with the person, talking to their support network and friends, and trying out new activities.


  • Person Centred Employment Planning –  involving the person, carers and others to arrive at specific employers to target for specific types of work.


  • Job Analysis – looking at the specific job from tasks involved, to training and support on the job, the culture of a worksite and any tasks associated with being employed on that site e.g. using the canteen or local shops at lunchtime.


  • Task analysis  – this is a method of breaking down the task into steps such that it can be more efficiently taught and problems more easily identified.


  • Data Collection – keeping records of people’s learning, achievements or production in a simple and useful manner.


The transposing of TSI skills to either employment or community living is also explored. The workshop is very practical, but still retains a good balance with the needed theoretical parts throughout. On the third day we work with associate learners with a learning disability, which puts all of the theory into practise.


12 to 15 delegates per course.


For further information contact Mike Petrie, The systematic Instruction Organisation, 01562 777787 or mobile 07887793134


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