What we do

What We Do

We use structured interviews with job seekers and their families to collect background information, reports and interventions from other organisations along with psychometric testing.

We also offer counselling with our psychologist or counsellor.

All relevant information is summarised into an action plan which forms the key working document used to guide our job seekers into work.

For people with autism

Job Couch
Our Job Coach will work with you each week to prepare you for employment. – Understand how your autism affects you so adjustments can be made in the workplace. – Ensure you have one or more CVs and covering letters appropriate to your job goals. – Carry out mock interviews and give positive feedback. For more information click here.

A counsellor will help you cope with stress while looking for work and then in employment. – Stress reduction techniques. – Understanding other people’s body language. – Mixing in at the workplace.

Group Sessions
We run two types of groups: – Social Groups – Counselling Groups

For employers

Staff autism awareness sessions
One hour group sessions run by our Job Coaches on your premises at times to suit you. – Increasing effective communication with your employee with autism. – Making reasonable adjustments in the workplace. – Improving an employee’s performance and output.

Job Coaching
Our Job Coaches work one-to-one next to your employee with autism for many days or weeks to optimise their performance on the shop floor. -Provides one to one training in the workplace to overcome or minimise barriers due to disabilities. For more information click here.