“Having visited ASDES I can vouch for the excellent work they are doing and the fruitful and beneficial relationships they have managed to effect.

They have also made major strides to give their clients greater opportunities to experience work and lay the foundations for their future.”
Robert Lloyd-Griffiths
ASD Ambassador for Wales


“ASDES has helped me over the past few months to keep my employment and negotiate a new role for me in the bank. Your Maureen made my manager see that I have loads of potential which has made me happy and full of confidence for the future. Things are going so well for me now as for the first time in many years I have had a bonus and a pay rise this month.”
Gareth Sullivan


”It made the world of difference to me having my support worker David from ASDES accompany me on my first day working at Swansea Central Library.

Just knowing he was there with me to discuss anything that arose from the day’s work, and any possible worries I might have had, really helped me settle in as quickly and as easily as possible.”
Adam Maunder
City & County of Swansea


“My son Alexander was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome in childhood. School was a struggle so leaving education could have been traumatic but luckily, Alexander was put in touch with ASDES who carried out a full assessment and set up two placements. An ASDES Job Coach, with whom he bonded, help build his confidence and social skills. Alexander received counselling too from ASDES and I believe this was a life changing experience, calming him down so much that it has had a really positive effect on the whole family. At Alexander’s request the counselling sessions increased so he functions well in working environments away from home and has joined a social group for adults on with A.S.

He now interacts easily with others and is looking forward to paid employment. Alexander and I both feel that his progress is due in no small part to the ASDES team.”
Wendy Crocombe
On behalf of Alexander