Access To Work

Access To Work

An Access To Work grant could pay for one of our Job Coaches to come out to your place of work and support you in practical ways to help you keep your job or help you settle into a new job.


We have just made a short video, see below, explaining about ATW support and what ASDES can do to help eligible employees with autism. You can contact us to talk you, or someone you trust, through making a call to ATW.
or contact ATW directly:


Access to Work
Telephone: 0345 268 8489


Text for video on Access to Work

So you have autism and feel you will need support in your new job or you have been employed for sometime and need help in keeping your employment.

One of our Job Coaches could help you via the Government scheme called Access To Work.

What can a Job Coach do for you?

Well firstly the Job Coach would meet with you so you could explain what help you are going to need. It could be:

Adjusting and settling into a routine with traveling to work and learning the tasks involved with your new job or if you are already employed you might want help learning new tasks or even help with moving into another job with the same employer.

You might need help with communicating with your new colleagues and your new boss or you might want your Job Coach to explain in detail to others what your autism means to you.

Some people with autism find it very stressful around others especially at first so our Job Coach would help you get to know your colleagues thereby reducing your anxiety.

Under funding from Access To Work our Job Coach could spend many days or even weeks with you in the work place
so it would be worth your while finding out a bit more about Job Coaching by contacting us so we can talk you through our support and how to apply for ATW.

Our email address is: or phone 07986166522

You can also get someone you trust to contact us.

Thank you.